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We aim for delivering quality anytime and anywhere. Our actions are determined by constantly and comprehensibly delivering security and quality, following the goal to make our customers happy.

For this reason we included the subjects of “information security” and “quality management” in our strategic planning. We started to establish an integrated management system, the effectiveness of which we are having reviewed on a regular basis in (internal) audits to take appropriate action whenever needed. We look at qualification and steady growth in its entirety and our holistic approach combines organizational qualification (certifications) with the individual qualifications of our employees (certificates, licenses). Our customers can rely on having the support and recommendations of our proven experts by their side in any stage of the process of our cooperation

DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017

DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001 defines standards for information security management systems. It ensures information is always confidential, available, and with integrity. The norm provides a generic catalogue of measurements which can be individually tailored to the identified need of each organisation, based on their experiences made during risk assessment.

ISO 27001
ISO 9001

DIN EN ISO/IEC 9001:2015

DIN EN ISO/IEC 9001 defines standards how to establish and run an effective quality management system. As input for the driven process of continual improvement, we keep records of our business processes, workflows, reviews, and measurements. We revise compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and define monitoring, already starting at the early state of product planning and development.

Personal licensing for job-related aptitude testing

DIN 33430 (DIN = The German standard organisation) recommends how to shape all incidents for aptitude testing (e.g. online testing, questionnaires, job interviews, assessment centers) in a way, they are quality assured, transparent, and comparable. Our Senior Consultants are licensed for professional aptitude testing according to examination regulations of the Federation of German Psychologist Associations (Föderation Deutscher Psychologenvereinigungen).

DIN 33430

Professional Scrum Masters

Agile software development as an iterative process makes us keep in touch with our customers at frequent intervals and with narrow alignments. We are able to increase transparency and speed in the process of developing at the same time. Therefore, we minimize risks and prevent ourselves from making mistakes and hence increase customers’ satisfaction with the final product. Several members of our software development team are certified by Scrum.org as Professional Scrum Masters.

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