Employee survey - Involve your employees in organizational development!

The opinion of your employees is important to you? Would you like to get feedback from your employees and have them actively participate in your organizational development?

Then we would be happy to support you with your next employee survey!


Your advantages

  • Support by an experienced team
  • Use of valid questions from our pool
  • Inclusion of all employees through a hybrid approach
  • Identification of strengths and areas for action
  • Secure data collection and anonymity

For a good working atmosphere

With employee surveys, you can efficiently determine the mood of your workforce.

With an employee survey, you can objectively determine the mood of your workforce. After all, it is more important than ever for employees today that not only the hard facts at work are right, but also the working atmosphere. In addition, the working atmosphere is directly related to the work performance - with an employee survey you can therefore also increase the work performance. An employee survey can also support you in organizational and personnel development as well as in important company decisions.

ALPHA-TEST is your competent partner for employee surveys, from conception to implementation and evaluation.

With our climate barometer AT-KliBa you record both the organizational climate and the team climate in an objective way. With 36 modules on organizational climate and 10 modules on team climate, you gain a comprehensive insight into the mood of your workforce. Based on relevant dimensions such as conflict management, development opportunities, communication or leadership behavior, our AT-KliBa provides you with a sound decision-making basis for your organizational development.

We also completely cover the technical side of the survey, so that both the implementation and the evaluation of the AT-KliBa are organized by us. Afterwards, we are happy to assist you in interpreting the results and, if necessary, conduct feedback discussions with the teams or managers. ALPHA-TEST is thus involved in the entire process of the employee survey, which guarantees a smooth process and saves you organizational effort.


An employee survey tailored to your organization

Since an employee survey should always be in line with the values and jargon of the company, we always adapt AT-Kliba flexibly to your company so that you get a picture of your organization that is as accurate as possible. In this way, we ensure that all aspects that are relevant to your company are covered in the survey.

Throughout the survey, the anonymity and data protection of the respondents are maintained at all times. This not only increases the willingness to participate in the survey, but also uncovers topics that might not be mentioned in a personal conversation. This is why AT-KliBa also offers added value compared to regular employee:in-person interviews.

Let us advise you now how ALPHA-TEST can support you with AT-KliBa in your organizational development.

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