Individual solutions for companies
and field-tested tests

You have the choice - select from over 600 field-tested tests or we work with you to develop the individual solution you need. From the digitalization of HR work to your applicant management system to interface management and effective data exchange.


Your advantages

  • Over 600 tests quickly available
  • Attractive package prices including support and management system
  • Individual solutions for your applicant management system
  • Digitizing HR saves time and money
  • The quality of personnel decisions increases

Individual solutions for you

During a workshop, we define the requirements and select the appropriate test modules. We also analyze the application process and look for the solution that will save you the most time. This includes:

  • Interface to your applicant management system
  • Test layout oriented to your corporate design
  • Your own subdomain
  • Individual configuration of the management system
  • Company-specific tasks

After the first pre-selection online, many companies continue with assessment centers. We support you in this process by:

  • Conception of tasks
  • Creation of schedules
  • Conducting observer training
  • Moderation of the ACs on site by our psychologists

More qualified applications

With the Career Orientation Test you can help applicants with their career choice. With the test CULTURE-FIT applicants and you will quickly find out whether they are a good fit for your company. This means that you receive fewer unsuitable applications and, in the end, fewer dropouts.

Identify talents quickly

With our user-friendly tests, you receive valid predictions and a real-time overview of the quality of the applicants. 98% very satisfied and completely satisfied customers confirm this. The tests are fun (less than 1% test dropouts) and can be integrated into existing HR systems.

Attract employees

Meaningful Online assessments and Assessment Center help you efficiently in the selection of future employees. Our psychologists will be happy to advise you on requirement profiles and competence models.

Develop and recognize potential

Make well-founded personnel decisions. With Potential analysis , 360-degree feedback , Employee survey , mood barometer and coaching, you can identify potential, find the right junior managers and give employees the opportunity to express their opinions and moods in a well-founded way. All tests are available in different languages.

Tests along the entire talent life cycle

As a technology leader, we offer psychologically and technologically sound online assessments, assessment centers and digital assessment processes along the entire talent life cycle.

This enables you to quickly find the right applicants, avoid costly hiring mistakes and plan personnel development in a targeted manner. With ALPHA-TEST you make your HR work more efficient, more digital, save valuable time and promote trend-setting potentials for your company.


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