FAQ - Frequently asked questions about online assessments

What is an online assessment?

An online assessment is an internet-based test procedure that provides information about professional aptitude or job-relevant competencies and skills. It can be used not only in the area of personnel selection, but also in personnel development. In addition, there are online assessments for self-assessment, e.g. in the context of study orientation.

What are the advantages of online tests?

Online tests simplify HR processes by identifying suitable applicants at an early stage and thus selecting them before interviews or face-to-face assessment centers would take place. This saves not only costs, but also valuable time for companies Furthermore, online tests guarantee complete objectivity, making the entire selection process fairer.

Where are online tests used?

In personnel marketing, online tests can be used for self-selection purposes before the potential candidate would apply to a company. In personnel selection, job-relevant competencies and skills are assessed, while in the area of personnel development, the aim is to record the current state of employees and, if necessary, to create training opportunities.

For which companies are online tests suitable?

Basically, it is advantageous for all companies to implement online tests in their selection process, because they make the personnel selection process more efficient by saving costs and time, regardless of the industry. The size of the company does not matter either.

For which professions are online tests suitable?

Thanks to our wide-ranging product portfolio, there are fitting or customizable test modules for almost every occupation, or entire test batteries - whether in business, IT or industry. Our online tests are suitable not only for entry level workers, but also for experienced professionals and managers.

At which stages of the personnel selection process can online tests be used?

There are three options: Online tests can be integrated as an additional stage of the selection procedure (even before applicants are invited for an interview), serve as an optimization of the previous selection procedure, or represent a combination of the first two possibilities. Accordingly, they can be used flexibly in any company.

How does an online test work?

Applicants receive an invitation including access data to the online test directly from the company by e-mail. After the test has been completed, the company has access to the evaluated results through our PIAT administration software and can select the applicants.

Why online tests instead of paper tests?

Online tests are completely unbound in terms of location and time, which saves applicants and HR staff costs and time. More specifically, no supervisory staff is needed, material costs are saved, as well as travel costs for candidates. Sometimes, the company does not even have to evaluate the tests itself, but receives the results presented in a summarized way.

What types of online tests are there?

Basically, online tests can be divided into expertise tests (e.g. English), general aptitude tests (e.g. concentration) and personality tests (e.g. emotional competence). In addition, we also offer solutions in the area of employee surveys, 360° feedback and simulations (e.g. mailbox exercise).

What is a hybrid assessment?

A hybrid assessment is the combination of online assessment and on-site assessment centers. Through the online assessment, candidates are selected in advance and then invited to the on-site assessment center. The results of the on-site AC can then be merged directly online with the online assessment results through our ALPHA-Test AC tool.

What is an online self-assessment (OSA)?

Online self-assessments are primarily used for study and career orientation and match the competencies and expectations of potential applicants with the actual content of the study programme or career perspective. Students thus receive feedback that significantly simplifies their decision to choose a study programme or career.

What are the weaknesses or disadvantages of online tests?

Poor performance can be due to the fact that some candidates are not familiar with the Internet as a medium, among others. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent someone else from taking the online test for the candidate. However, the risk can be minimized by announcing that a re-test must be performed on site.

Are there individualized online tests for companies?

Even though we are constantly working on expanding and updating our product portfolio of standardized test batteries or modules, it is definitely possible to develop individual solutions for companies' individual needs and requirements. Of course, corporate design can also be taken into account.

Is it possible to get trial access to online tests?

Of course we offer non-binding trial access for interested companies, so that you can get an idea of our test modules yourself and the decision for or against the use of online tests is simplified for you.

What is an assessment center?

An assessment center is a rather elaborate selection procedure in which usually between 6 and 12 applicants are invited to the company at the same time. There, the candidates perform group exercises, simulations and case studies, among other things. In the process, they are observed by trained personnel and their behavior is evaluated. This procedure is very cost and time intensive, but also extremely valid.

How does ALPHA-TEST deal with the issue of data protection?

Data protection is of course very important to us. Our servers are located in Germany and comply with the data protection regulations of EU’s GDPR.

Are there mobile-compatible online tests that can be carried out on a smartphone, for example?

We are constantly updating our solutions, which is why it is entirely possible to run test modules on a smartphone. However, depending on which test modules are ultimately selected, ALPHA-TEST recommends not processing them on the smartphone, but on the laptop instead.

Which reference customers does ALPHA-TEST have?

We have been able to support not only large corporations such as ABB, Zeiss and Lufthansa in making personnel processes more efficient, but also small and medium-sized companies or organizations. Also city councils from all over Germany successfully use our online tests.


In 1998 we started with the business plan "Online Assessments in Personnel Selection", which made ALPHA-TEST the pioneer in online-based testing. Since then, we have been dealing with new developments day by day, thus significantly advancing the topic of online assessments. ALPHA-TEST also has a considerable product portfolio which offers tailor-made solutions for all customer requirements.

How valid are online tests anyway?

All our test modules are based on the Classical Test Theory. We conduct evaluation examinations regularly to check whether the tasks are understood on the one hand and whether they correspond to the job level on the other. In addition, we statistically evaluate our collected data (about 100,000) annually. In addition, ALPHA-TEST offers you a test manual for each test module with important statistical information such as reliability and validity.


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