Inventor and pioneer
in the field of online assessment

The idea of developing online tests for personnel selection and offering them to companies was born at the end of 1998. The award in the StartUp competition at the beginning of 1999 by the then Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Walter Döring, provided the impetus for founding the company. Initially founded as alpha-test GbR, the company was transformed into alpha-test GmbH on December 31, 1999.

AT-HiPer - Discover the high performers!

The online test is ideal for selecting trainees and identifying high potentials in your company. If you have a large number of applicants, it is available directly via your applicant management tool.

Benefit from our online assessments

2 million
tests p.a.
Server security
Customer satisfaction

Tests for apprentices and students

Online tests for over 600 professions and individual requirements. The practical toolbox usually includes performance tests, subject tests and personality tests.

Alpha-Test Proctored® - Exclude attempts of cheating

There are various ways for companies to protect themselves against cheating attempts in online tests. ALPHA-TEST has filed a patent for an intelligent solution.

Tools for your talent management

Leadership feedback - with the AT-360-LPI

Your team is as good as your leader. Evaluate the performance of your leaders with the AT-360-LPI (Leadership Performance Indicator). More than a questionnaire: a smart configurable system with meaningful reports for different stakeholders.

Cost-benefit analysis in personnel selection

Are you interested in online assessments, but not sure if the investment is worth it? Our cost-benefit analysis will give you an estimate of the expected return on investment (RoI).


You want to assess the performance of applicants and employees more easily?

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