Data Analytics -
Valuable conclusions from your data

With ALPHA-TEST's Data Analytics tool you can quickly draw valuable conclusions from your data. Comparative benchmarks for your profession, your industry or your business unit are available to compare and assess your current situation. One of the key advantages of ALPHA-TEST's Data Analytics tool is that it connects to different data sources and different types of data to create a holistic data picture.

Data visualization in real time

Data reports are an essential part of data analysis. They are important for both day-to-day operational decisions and long-term strategy making. Here, ALPHA-TEST's data analytics tool provides many options in the dashboard to display the appropriate reporting options. In addition, data reports can be customized based on the user's responsibilities. For example, certain functional areas or positions can receive different reports. Since data may change quite quickly, it is an advantage that ALPHA-TEST's data analytics tool updates reports in near real-time.

What is possible with AI?

In an initial pilot study, an AI solution was implemented that showed promising initial results. In the case of junior staff, the AI achieved higher validities than traditional methods of making judgments in the field of human resources.

In contrast to common practice, AI continuously checks whether the selection criteria still "fit" the incoming applicants, or whether changes should be made. In this way, AI enables regular feedback on the quality of personnel selection, while making the necessary adjustments. If applied in this way, AI technology would therefore provide greater transparency and better quality control.

Business psychology: Artificial intelligence in personnel selection can increase accuracy


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