Solutions for public authorities -
legally compliant procedures online and offline

For maximum fairness and equal opportunity, we offer accessible online assessments and potential analysis with a wide range of customization options. Our solutions, developed and hosted in Germany, also meet the highest standards in terms of legal security.

As a local, state or federal authority, you face a variety of challenges in the selection and promotion of your employees. We support you in meeting all the requirements of your selection procedures.

Our approach to accessible online testing

For many years ALPHA-TEST has been developing tests that meet accessibility requirements, positioning itself among German-speaking test developers as a pioneer in the field of equal opportunities. We also take diagnostic aspects into account to ensure that the results of online assessments remain comparable and psychologically meaningful despite barrier-free design or alternative versions.

Legally compliant potential analysis

We design your assessment center according to DIN 33430 so that you have an objective basis for your selection decisions. The legally compliant design of the assessment center is fair to the candidates and prevents discrimination against applicants from the outset.


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