Server cluster - High security and availability through cluster solution

To ensure the smoothest possible operation of our services, we do NOT rely on external cloud service providers such as Amazon. All our servers are managed by ALPHA-TEST and are located in a highly available TÜV-certified TIER IV data center in Germany. This enables us to adapt our technology as flexibly as possible to the requirements of our customers. For highly sensitive data of our customers in the public sector, we provide our own server clusters.


We guarantee 99.97% availability

We use a highly available virtualization solution. This makes it possible to offer numerous simulated servers on individual real servers. These are technically isolated from each other. If a real server is no longer available due to hardware damage or maintenance work, another real server immediately and automatically takes over its tasks. The virtual servers can then be switched to this server without any gaps and can continue to offer their services.

With over one million assessments per year, we have planned for sufficient redundancy so that your applicants can complete the tests at any time without any problems.


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