With our platform aXess, we offer large organisations the opportunity to award recurring contracts to freelancers in the areas of HR services and to digitally monitor the process of service delivery.

HR services would be, for example, the implementation of assessment centres or trainings (e.g. language trainings, sales trainings, occupational health and safety) and coachings.


Benefits for organisations

  • One-time commissioning of ALPHA-TEST instead of placing an order for each "ticket" (e.g. a coaching for manager XY)
  • Qualified pool of service providers coordinated with the client
  • Performance guaranteed by ALPHA-TEST
  • Transparent digital billing via secure data exchange

How it works:

  • You publish your project in the portal in masks designed specifically for your projects.
  • Our AI-powered matching between freelancer requirements and skills indicates who is suitable for the project and these people are informed
  • If interested, freelancers confirm participation
  • Award of the contract and access to the necessary information is granted
  • Project is being wound up
  • Project report is prepared by freelancer and uploaded to the portal
  • Client confirms satisfaction with the service provided
  • Settlement takes place.

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