Solutions for colleges/universities - design attractive OSAs yourself

We support you in the development and implementation of concepts for the admission of students. In doing so, we have not only significantly advanced the topic of online self-assessment for professional orientation, but also the implementation of admission procedures.



OSA as a control instrument:

Prevention of dropouts from training and studies.

OSA as an advisory tool:

Improving career opportunities for young people

OSA as a marketing instrument:

Image enhancement

Tailored to you

In order to weigh the various possibilities and to implement the online self-assessment efficiently, ALPHA-TEST has been successfully advising colleges and universities for many years. Due to our many years of experience we have the expertise to set up the online self-assessments exactly according to your objectives and individual requirements. Three pillars are relevant here:


Full support

We support you in the design, implementation and operation with competent project management. The project team includes content expertise as well as technical and legal know-how.

Marketing for your university

Each OSA is designed individually. Illustrations, photos and videos are integrated to increase the attractiveness of the OSA. In workshops, we work with the study programs to develop the concepts and subject-specific tasks in order to provide prospective students with a realistic insight into their studies.

Do you have the expertise in terms of content?

We are happy to provide you with our OSA platform. This includes permanent maintenance, 24/7 monitoring in critical phases, comprehensive statistics and many options for individual design!


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