Digital is an attitude


Digital is an attitude


Our journey as a global online assessment inventor, pioneer and technology driver began in January 2000 with the "provision of a virtual test library on the Internet". As a full-stack provider, we still combine outstanding expertise in psychology and IT, AI and business innovation with a unique consulting and service competence.

Digital is an attitude. Innovation is our DNA.

Digital is the future. And our attitude. As a global technology driver and full-service provider, we don't follow trends, we set them. Ambition and dynamism are our tools with which we realize state-of-the-art assessments and evaluation processes. Whether self-learning AI systems or interface integrations: We are an ambitious team of IT professionals and psychologists working for you on ever smarter assessment systems for digital selection and assessment processes.


We are pioneers in the field of cloud-based software in human resource management. Through innovation, a strong focus on technology and data security, we want to become the No. 1 in our segment in Germany



It is important to us that people are given opportunities. We ensure this with our online tools for personnel selection, which were developed "culture fair" and thus help our customers to find and develop the best employees. We support our customers to make their business competitive and promote economic growth.

Our goal is to enable our customers to conduct personnel selection and assessment processes digitally in a secure, smart, psychologically-founded, valid and value-free manner. In this way, we relieve the burden on our customers, increase efficiency, create new freedom and open up sustainable opportunities for people in their future careers and lives.

Social commitment is a matter of course for us

1st FFC 08 Niederkirchen - Christmas donations and jerseys

For several years now ALPHA-TEST has been actively supporting girls' and women's soccer in the region through donations and voluntary work. Social responsibility is very important to us in order to give clubs the opportunity to continue their work and to offer a perspective to the next generation. We want to encourage young people, and women in particular, to recognize and develop their own potential.

In recent years, we have been particularly impressed by the work of a small club in a Palatinate wine village: the 1st FFC 08 Niederkirchen. The "village club" is truly a household name for connoisseurs of women's soccer. Important players such as the long-time internationals Heidi Mohr and Steffi Jones were active for 1. FFC 08 Niederkirchen and the club even played in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga for several years. Currently, the team plays in the Regionalliga Südwest and is fighting its way back to the top.

Always on board: ALPHA-TEST. Because also in this season the 1st women's team of Niederkirchen is wearing jerseys sponsored by ALPHA-TEST.

ALPHA-TEST keeps its fingers crossed for the teams of the 1st FFC Niederkirchen and will be there as a supporter also in the future!


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