Support from our scientific advisory board

In order to ensure the quality of our psychological test procedures and to always remain up to date with the latest scientific findings, we rely on competent support from scientific experts.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Höft

Dr. Stefan Höft is Professor of Personnel Psychology and Aptitude Diagnostics at the University of the Federal Employment Agency (HdBA) in Mannheim. For many years, the graduate psychologist was involved in behavior-oriented diagnostics at the German Aerospace Center and supervised the assessment center procedures for commercial airline pilots. Since 2007 he has been teaching at the HdBA on the theoretical and practical links between vocational aptitude diagnostics and vocational counseling.

Prof. Dr. Dennis Mocigemba

Prof. Dr. Dennis Mocigemba is Professor of Counseling Sciences with a focus on "Vocational and Digital Counseling" at the University of Applied Sciences of the Federal Employment Agency (HdBA). His research interests lie in the areas of digital study and career guidance, adaptation of digital media in guidance, and narrative approaches in career guidance. Previously, he was head of the Central Student Advisory Service at the University of Freiburg and of the Freiburg OSA project.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Rausch

Prof. Dr. Andreas Rausch holds the Chair of Business Education - Learning in the Work Process - at the University of Mannheim. His research focuses on computer-based diagnostics of occupational competencies, informal learning in the workplace, simulation-based learning environments, problem solving and emotions, and training management.

Prof. Dr. Niclas Schaper

Prof. Dr. Niclas Schaper is spokesman of the Institute of Human Sciences at the University of Paderborn. He also holds the Chair of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the University of Paderborn. His research focuses on questions of competence acquisition, competence measurement and competence management in work- and job-related learning. In addition, strategic and methodological questions of personnel and organizational development are investigated under his leadership.

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