Successful assessment centers online and offline

Assessment centers are a popular means of identifying the best applicants and predicting their future performance. They are used to assess people in simulated work situations.

For your assessment center you can rely on ALPHA-TEST's many years of expertise in the field of aptitude diagnostics and also specifically in assessment centers. With our AT-ASSESS we take over the entire planning and conception as well as the execution of the assessment centers for you and support you in your search for the best talents.


Your advantages

  • Tailor-made assessment centers
  • Field-proven approach
  • Objective assessment thanks to trained observers
  • Can also be carried out online

Customized Assessment Center

Assessment Center

ALPHA-TEST's assessment centers are based on five pillars and thus cover all important aspects:

1. requirements profile

In order to match the assessment center to the job requirements in the best possible way, we define the requirements profile together with you. In this way, we ensure that the selected candidate is the best possible match for the vacant position. The result is a competence-method-matrix, which is the basis for the elaboration of the exercises.

2. multi-method approach

In our assessment centers, we pay attention to a mix of methods that fits exactly. This allows you to get to know different facets of your applicants and to decide objectively how your applicant will behave in the later work situation. This comprehensive overall impression of the applicant enables you to make an informed decision when selecting your talent.

3. structuring

Structured procedures are central to assessment centers, for example in the form of defined interview guidelines. Only in this way can different applicants be compared with each other, so that the personnel selection is made on a sound basis.

4. standardized evaluation

The standardization of the evaluation on the basis of dimension-related scales is also elementary in order to be able to compare the applicants across several observers. To ensure this, we develop specific behavioral anchors for the individual dimensions. This is the only way to obtain objective data that professionally support your personnel selection.

5. digitization

ALPHA-TEST also supports your selection process with efficient software solutions in order to be able to digitalize the data and documents of the assessment centers quickly and without time expenditure. The machine reading of assessment sheets saves you a lot of time, so you don't have to spend time on superfluous paperwork when organizing the assessment center.

Assessment centers can also be conducted completely online. With our SmartRater®, the implementation is uncomplicated, the assessment is legally compliant and the organizational effort is significantly reduced while maintaining the same quality.

ALPHA-TEST designs your assessment centers professionally and successfully identifies the best candidates for your company. Let us advise you now.


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