Talent Management System - Our alphaCore Business Suite (ACBS®) simplifies your talent management process

With our innovative software, we digitize your recruiting process. Because we can flexibly adapt our smart alphaCore Business Suite software solutions to your needs, they fit seamlessly into your existing recruiting process and simplify your talent management process.

Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions guide you through the entire talent lifecycle and facilitate your recruiting process without requiring any IT skills yourself. Our alphaCore Business Suite makes it easy for you to send our tests to your applicants or employees. You simply keep track of the status of the online tests. You can then compare the results of the tests and identify the potential of your applicants or employees. Everything that is possible runs automatically to save you unnecessary work, so you can keep your head free for creative HR work.


ACBS advantages

  • secure and web-based
  • fast and flexible
  • customizable
  • automated processes


The test management tool PIAT (Professional Internet Assessment Tool) is used for the operational implementation of test management. In PIAT, test accesses can be created and managed, the test status can be viewed and results can be examined and exported. There are filters and other options for the various functions, so that everything can be done intuitively and with little effort.

PIAT Screenshot
Jobboard Screenshot

Job Board

With the help of the Job Board you can conveniently manage your job postings. Setting up template texts can save a lot of time and represent you consistently. For a clear management you can assign the job postings to different categories or set a status (visible or not visible; open or closed).


The Test-Administrator is used to manage and create test batteries. Each battery can consist of any number of individual test modules, most of which raise one competency each. The batteries can then be used in different tests with different target groups in different industries. ALPHA-TEST offers you comparative values for different reference groups for the interpretation of the results there.

Test Admin
Smartrater Screenshot


SmartRater is the ultimate tool for live digital assessments. Locally in assessment centers, as well as online in digital selection processes, it creates the perfect environment for observing and evaluating applicants for your selection process or the selection process of your customers.


With the statistics tool, details on test usage and performance can be viewed in real time at any time. The views are individually adjustable and include various functions. In addition, test results are displayed for individual institutions, locations or jobs based on comparison groups. This makes it possible to quickly determine at a glance which candidates are suitable.

StatsTool Screenshot


The administrator defines a role and rights concept for the authority of the individual user groups. Here, different user rights can be set for different groups - depending on who is to have read-only permission or permission to create test accesses. The administrator tool makes user management easy for the client.

The tools are connected to each other on one platform so that data from one tool is available in the other. The entire platform is equipped with an interface that makes it possible to easily integrate third-party systems. These are not only applicant management systems but also learning platforms or test systems/test procedures from other providers.

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