360-degree feedback - feedback for your managers

The 360-degree feedback is a comprehensive system for the systematic all-round assessment of your managers: from their own employees, from colleagues/customers and from their supervisor. The evaluation takes place on different behavioral dimensions that are critical to success. The result is a comparison between external and self-assessment as a basis for development discussions. At the same time, 360-degree feedback is a sign of recognition for the employees being evaluated. The possibility of participation conveys to them that their opinion is perceived and valued.


Your advantages

  • Basis for management development
  • 100% anonymous for the participating employees
  • Objective comparison of self-perception and perception by others
  • Individualizable system

AT-360-LPI - Appreciate performance

With our AT-360-LPI (Leadership Performance Indicator), thanks to the assessment on 20 psychologically based behavioral dimensions, you can recognize the strengths of your managers and uncover conflict potential and areas for action in the company.

Your 360-degree feedback

We provide you with a pool of questions, you choose! Simply by clicking, you select from the suggested 20 dimensions those that are relevant to your question. Your selection of questions and dimensions will automatically be included in the results report. However, you can also create your own questionnaire. If you have topics or questions that have proven successful in your organization, create an individual questionnaire.


270 or 180 degrees?

Less is also possible! Have your managers evaluate only their direct supervisors and derive to-dos for employee development. Alternatively, only the employees evaluate their manager and point out where there may be potential for conflict. The system allows you to define your own groups that are included in an evaluation. These can be employees, colleagues or even customers.

Anonymity and data security

Throughout the entire survey, we ensure that the anonymity of the respondents is preserved. This is not only a matter of course due to data protection, but also helps to ensure that the answers are as honest as possible. Only in this way is the feedback meaningful, so that you can derive relevant recommendations for action.

ALPHA-TEST will be happy to help you with the targeted planning of your 360-degree-Feedback.

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