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You can create your own item formats and use them directly in the online test. Furthermore, you have the possibility to define your own evaluation methods and to use different scale transformations. It is also possible to customize the test flow control.

By integrating your own style sheets, you also have the option of customizing the design of all item formats.


Case Study: Closing learning gaps with "Strong Learning Paths

Alpha Test (Crucially) Involved in the Delivery of a New Online Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic test

The Corona pandemic clearly demonstrated that the German school system is still in its infancy when it comes to digitalization. Due to complete school absences and quarantine-related absences of teachers and students, children missed a lot of school material. The problem is that it is very difficult to measure the resulting knowledge gap.

A newly developed digital diagnostic tool - the "Strong Learning Paths" - provides a remedy. The tool identifies the child's learning gaps and, based on the evaluation, puts together a customized learning program. This improves the child's level of knowledge in a targeted manner.

Alpha-Test has played a major role in the project. By providing the software TestDesigner, it was possible for the University of Augsburg in cooperation with the STARK publishing house to compile individual tests and thus to precisely analyze the individual knowledge level of the students. In addition, Alpha-Test supported the pilot project with the test administration system PIAT (Professional Internet Assessment Tool). With this system, the participating students can be administered independently and the test results can be downloaded as graphically prepared PDF files.

Based on the evaluation, the individual learning path with concrete exercises is created. After a learning and practice phase, the children can put their knowledge to the test again and go through it a second time to determine their learning progress.

The project provides online diagnostic tests for the subjects math, German and English and is based on the curricula of grades 5,6 and 7 of Bavarian middle schools and high schools.

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