Potential analysis: online tests plus assessment center

Potential analysis are becoming more and more popular, especially for promoting young talent. The aim is to pursue a development approach and provide existing employees with the right support. Especially when it comes to taking over management positions, our potential analysis provide a sound basis for decision-making.


Your advantages

  • Very high validity due to multimodality
  • Individually tailored to your requirements
  • Standardized approach for more objectivity
  • Experienced consultants accompany you in the process

Core of the potential analysis: competence-method-matrix

The basis of our potential analysis is formed by so-called requirements analysis, which we conduct together with our clients. Following the requirements analysis, we create a competence-method-matrix, which makes transparent which competences are recorded with which method within the scope of the potential analysis. We have had good experience with combining online test procedures with assessment center exercises.

In order to increase validity and acceptance among applicants, we develop the assessment center exercises specifically for our clients. During the execution we are present as moderators or as evaluating observers, depending on the client's wishes. A DIN33430-compliant conception and implementation is important to us, which is why we enable our clients to carry out the assessment centers professionally within the framework of training courses.

Leadership and values

Online tests are regularly used within the scope of potential analysis to record logical-analytical abilities. Our potential analysis go beyond this and deal with the personality, attitudes, values and leadership styles of the participants.

To do this, we use our CASA test battery, which, among other things, uses imagined situations to record the preferred alternative courses of action. The CASA tests can also be used independently of an assessment center and provide a good indication of existing leadership potential as well as general strengths and areas for development.

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