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Assessing the skills of applicants is difficult. You can use school reports, interviews, and ideally a few days of trial work. However, these methods have their pitfalls: school reports are not comparable with each other, the Personal preference plays a role in interviews, and trial work is "out" - very few applicants get involved.

In order to increase the fit between professional requirements and skills, scientifically based online assessments can be used. Compared with assessment centers or work samples, the costs are lower, acceptance among applicants is very high, and the prognosis for later success in the job is relatively high. Together with a structured interview, online assessments provide a very good basis for selecting applicants.

Your advantages

  • The right online tests for every position
  • Great user experience generates higher company attractiveness
  • Valid results provide a sound basis for decision-making
  • Multilingual tests for your interational presence

Good for you - Good for the climate

Our field-tested online assessments save resources: Your budget can be better invested in other projects than in travel expenses and paper! For more than 20 years, we have been working with psychological institutes and scientific publishers to develop aptitude diagnostic procedures that have already been used millions of times. We follow a scientific requirements-based approach. This means that we examine and measure the competencies that are relevant to the job in question. Our online assessment system records more than 200 individual competencies. These are compiled into a job-specific online assessment. We have already preconfigured online assessments for over 700 positions based on our expertise and experience from many projects.

Word gets around

The interestingly prepared tasks ensure a positive experience for applicants and provide a well-founded assessment of the skills and potential of your applicants. We use gamification elements moderately to underline the seriousness of the assessment. The feedback on our online assessments is consistently positive and thus has a positive effect on your company!

Barrier-free online assessments

We have been developing online tests that meet accessibility requirements for many years and have established ourselves as a pioneer in the field of equal opportunities among German-speaking test developers. We also take diagnostic aspects into account so that the results of online assessments remain comparable and psychologically meaningful despite barrier-free design or alternative versions.

Our online tests at a glance

Our online tests assess over 200 different competencies. In addition, we are happy to design individual, customized online assessments for you.
You don't know yet which competencies you want to assess? Enter the position you want to fill in the search mask and find a preconfigured online assessment.


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