Online-Test for Generation Z

Under the motto "Always one step ahead", ALPHA-TEST has adapted its online assessments for trainees and students to the requirements and wishes of Generation Z. Candidate experience, motivation, meaningfulness are a few keywords that are important for the new generation.

It is still important for companies to make a selection among their applicants, i.e. the tests should be meaningful and lead to well-founded decisions. With the new online tests, ALPHA-TEST now combines the motivating elements with valid diagnostic instruments.

As a long-standing customer of ALPHA-TEST, Linde GmbH has now switched to the new version and from now on "Lisa", an employee from recruiting, will guide applicants through the test. At Linde they have decided on one person to guide them through all the tests. With the ALPHA-TEST system, it is possible for each training area to appoint a real employee who accompanies the respective applicants, explains the tests and motivates them every now and then in between.

All in all, the new tests are all formulated in the "you" form, have a varied design and applicants can use their smartphones to complete them. At the end of the online test, applicants give us feedback in the form of a "like".

We are looking forward to many likes!

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