More quality is not possible: ALPHA-TEST now also certified according to ISO 9001

With the certification according to ISO 9001 ALPHA-TEST takes another important step towards an integrated management system (IMS) in order to efficiently combine requirements from different areas (e.g. quality, safety) in a holistic structure and to better use synergies. With the new quality management system ALPHA-TEST makes quality and customer orientation measurable and traceable through the entire value chain

ALPHA-TEST scores not only with the combined competence of IT and psychology, but from now on also with certified quality.

Clear goals, measurable results, adequate resources, optimized processes and continuous improvement ensure ALPHA-TEST's customers reliable and consistent quality of products and services. Procedures are optimized and documented in the form of processes. This enables us to implement specific customer requirements in a structured and targeted manner and thus inspire our customers. Our management system systematically ensures the implementation of laws and official requirements and thus mitigates associated risks. In this way, we also contribute to the safety of our customers.

We have defined key figures and control mechanisms whose effectiveness we monitor regularly. This enables us to take measures quickly if necessary and thus constantly become even better.

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Tested quality

In an audit carried out on site by DQS GmbH, ALPHA-TEST provided evidence that the internal management system meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 : 2015 regulations and subsequently received the certificate for the introduction and application of a quality management system (QMS).

The processes are optimized, uniformly documented and backed up with key figures and control mechanisms. Goals and responsibilities are clearly defined and made measurable and verifiable through key figures.

With the establishment of an effective QMS, ALPHA-TEST sets the course to continue to position itself successfully as a company and to develop continuously. ALPHA-TEST has proven that it possesses and applies an effective instrument for the control of quality processes in the fulfilment of customer requirements.

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