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We read, see, hear and feel the job shortage every day. Politicians are in the process of developing solutions for integrating people with a refugee background into the job market. But the topic of "immigration" is also on the political table and being traded as a solution.

Ultimately, however, the question is how to actually integrate people into the value chain of companies. Recognition of certificates, testing of German language skills are political measures. However, companies should set their own criteria and test migrant and refugee employees for the requirements they will need later in the company. Under the keyword „ARRIVAL“, ALPHA-TEST has developed an online assessment that is largely language-independent and records basic skills for the job market. Via the website migrants can take a career orientation test in several languages to find out for themselves, as a first step, what opportunities the German job market offers.

In addition, we offer companies and government agencies to have their applicants take our basic AT-Arrival test to see if basic skills and the required learning potential are present.

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